COPES-VULCAN® Direct Steam Converting Valve – Steam Atomisation (DSCV – SA)
COPES-VULCAN® Direct Steam Converting Valve – Steam Atomisation (DSCV – SA)

The Copes-Vulcan DSCV is an angle style valve that combines pressure and temperature reduction . The DSCV is custom engineered for specific operating parameters. DSCVs are generally used for applications where the valves typically remain closed for long periods of time to isolate steam flow.

Key Features

  • Cooling water is steam atomized via high pressure P1 steam
  • Cooling water is pre-heated via high temperature T1 steam
  • No cooling water is in contact with the diffuser
  • ANSI FCI 70-2 Class V tight Shutoff
  • Very easy maintenance; ‘Quick change trim’
  • All ANSI 1500 class and higher units have pressure seal bonnets
  • Butt weld connections to match inlet & outlet pipe dimension & materials
  • Discrete multi stage pressure profiling trims
  • Operates in any orientation
  • Large turn down range
  • Cast & Fabricated design.
  • Infinite Size Configuration
  • All connections flanged or butt weld or a combination of any
  • High water capacity for large cooling duties
  • Low Required Coolant Pressure
  • High Coolant Turndown Ratio
  • Pressure seal or Bolted bonnet.
  • Class V shut off
  • Noise attenuating trim options
    • Single Stage Hush
    • Multi-Stage Hush
    • RAVEN
  • ANSI 150 – 2500 or higher on application


Raven Trim


Soft Seat HUSH Trim


Tandem Trim