• Principle function of any desuperheater is to accelerate the phenomena of absorption of the spray water by the steam so that steady conditions of steam temperature reached within a short distance from the outlet at all loads.
  • For efficient design of Desuperheater, develop different methods to increase heat transfer between superheated steam and spray water particles.
  • To achieve higher rate of evaporation, break spray water droplets into fine particles at all loads so that can increased surface area of water for almost instantaneous absorption to enable measure true temperature within a short distance.
  • Different models of Desuperheater designs are available like Attemperator, In Line Venturi, Double Venturi to provide customised solution.
  • The unique design is also available wherein spray water pressure is the same as steam pressure.
  • Different model design Turndown ratio starts from 2 : 1 to 12 : 1.
  • Consult factory for higher turn down ratio.
Models of Desuperheaters
In line Venturi Desuperheater
Double Venturi Desuperheater
Double Venturi Desuperheater 2

Desuperheater Catalog