SD-Severe Duty valve
SD-Severe Duty valve
SD-Severe Duty valve
SD-Severe Duty valve

The SD-Severe Duty valve is Copes-Vulcan’s premium severe duty and critical service control valve design. While virtually identical in outward appearance to the Copes-Vulcan legendarily rugged and dependable D-100 valve line which it replaces, the SD-Severe Duty line is the next generation of control valves designed specifically for severe duty applications. It is the preferred style of valve for applications such as pump re-circulation, feed water control and feed-water start-up, flashing or cavitating service, critical pressure drop gas and steam service, and any potentially noisy or vibration-prone service. It is also widely used for nuclear “N” stamp and seismic applications.

The SD-Severe Duty line incorporates a number of improvements such as:
• Quick disconnect between valve stem and actuator yoke on most models that greatly simplifies service and inspection.
• An extensive array of standard trims is available including many previously offered only as custom designs.
• Shorter lead times/quicker delivery of both entire valve assemblies and replacement parts.

Severe Duty (SD) Control Valve

Raven Trim


Soft Seat HUSH Trim


Tandem Trim